How to get to Buenos Aires

How to get to Buenos Aires

Here you can check out the most common ways to get to Buenos Aires from other cities in Argentina and from different countries.


Unless you're in Uruguay or a nearby Argentine city, the fastest, most convenient and sometimes cheapest way to get to Argentina from other countries is by plane.

The airlines that operate direct flights from Madrid to Buenos Aires are Iberia, Air Europa and Aerolíneas Argentinas. From Barcelona, Iberia is the only one with regular flights. Fares from Spain to Argentina start at 700 (US$ 748.40), provided you book well in advance and outside the high season. If you’re travelling from the UK, you can get direct flights to Buenos Aires from London that tend to cost between £ 250 (US$ 316.30) and £ 500 (US$ 632.60).

If you’re travelling from another Latin American country, the price varies a lot depending on the distance. From Uruguay, you’ll find return flights from 100 (US$ 106.90), while from Mexico the fares are almost as high as from Europe.

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As there are two airports in Buenos Aires, you can take a look at how to get to the city centre from each airport once you’ve booked your flight.


If you're visiting Uruguay and want to cross over the Buenos Aires, the most comfortable of getting across the Río de la Plata is by boat. The Buquebus makes several journeys each day from Montevideo and Coonia de Sacramento.


The train is another comfortable option if you're visiting nearby cities. You'll find more information about how to get to Buenos Aires by train on the Ferrobaires webpage.


Like the train, the buses (omnibuses) are a comfortable and cheap way of getting to Buenos Aires from nearby locations. However, omnibus can also be used to get to destinations that are further away.


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