Shopping in Buenos Aires

Shopping in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a destination that has plenty of different options for shopping, from elegant shopping centres to charming boutiques with pieces by local artists.

Some essential souvenirs of a trip to Buenos Aires are figurines with tango motifs, leather goods and mate (both the herb and the container).

Main shopping districts in Buenos Aires

  • Calle Florida: A pleasant pedestrian street full of shops, among which the shops selling leather and fur products stand out. The famous Galerías Pacífico is located here.
  • Avenida Alvear: Located in the Recoleta neighbourhood, it represents one of the finest and most exclusive shopping destinations in the city. The jewellery shops and some well-known international boutiques stand out.
  • Palermo Viejo: A quiet area with trendy bars and restaurants as well as many boutiques featuring young designers that sell avant-garde clothing and designs. The main street is Honduras, although Gurruchaga, Armenia and El Salvador are also worth visiting. 
  • Calle Defensa: The main commercial hub of San Telmo with numerous antique shops offering a variety of items.
  • Avenida Corrientes: This is one of the main avenues for shopping in Buenos Aires, where you’ll be able to find a wide variety of shops.

Shopping centres in Buenos Aires

  • Abasto de Buenos Aires (Avenida Corrientes 3200): Located in the city's former central market, the Abasto is a large modern shopping centre with lots of clothes shops, a cinema, the Children's Museum, a small amusement park and a variety of restaurants.
  • Buenos Aires Design (Pueyrredón 2501, Recoleta): A unique shopping centre dedicated exclusively to decoration and design.
  • Galerías Pacífico (Florida y Av. Córdoba, Centro): Housed in the century-old building of a former art gallery, the Galerias Pacifico is a beautiful spot with incredible paintings all over its walls and ceilings.
  • Patio Bullrich (Posadas 1269, Recoleta): Opened in 1989, it was the first shopping centre in Buenos Aires. The shopping centre isn’t very big, but it has exclusive shops and some important brands.
  • Centro Comercial Alto Palermo: (Av. Santa Fe 3200, Palermo): Alto Palermo is one of the largest and most varied shopping centres in the city. Avenida Santa Fe, where it’s located, is also worth visiting.