Museums in Buenos Aires

Although Buenos Aires has lots of museums, we’ve chosen some of our favourites for this guide. By visiting these museums, you’ll explore the city’s history and different neighbourhoods.

Our two must-see museums

Evita Museum

The Evita Museum has a magnificent exhibition that narrates the intense life of Evita in an entertaining and interesting way. A must-see spot during your stay in Buenos Aires!

National Museum of Fine Arts

The National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires is home to Argentina's greatest artistic heritage and is one of the leading museums in Latin America.

Even though it isn't officially a museum, the Zanjón de Granados is on our list of the must-see museums in Buenos Aires, as it covers the history of the city.

Other museums in Buenos Aires

Museum of the City

The Museum of the City of Buenos Aires aims to show the history of the city and its residents through historic buildings and exhibitions.

Carlos Gardel House Museum

Located in the traditional Abasto neighbourhood, the Carlos Gardel House Museum aims to pay homage to the most famous tango singer of all time.