Plaza del Congreso

Built for the celebrations of the May Revolution’s centenary, the Plaza del Congreso is an eye-catching space that’s been declared a National Historic Place. It’s located in the heart of Buenos Aires in the Monserrat neighbourhood.

Palace of the Argentine National Congress

As you may guess from its name, the most iconic building in this square is the Palace of the Argentine National Congress. The construction of this building began in 1897 and, even though it was inaugurated in 1906, it wasn’t finished until 1946. It was designed by Víctor Meano and Julio Dormal.

An unmissable corner of the city

The Plaza del Congreso is part of an extensive group of squares located in front of the Congress building and is connected to the Plaza de Mayo via the Avenida de Mayo, making it an unmissable corner of Buenos Aires.

Like the Plaza de Mayo, the Plaza del Congreso is usually the place chosen by many groups to hold demonstrations and protests.


MetroCongreso and Sáenz Peña, line A.

Nearby places

Avenida de Mayo (902 m) Avenida 9 de Julio (911 m) Monserrat (1.1 km) Illuminated Block (1.4 km) Museum of the City (1.7 km)