Taxis in Buenos Aires

Taxis in Buenos Aires

Taxis in Buenos Aires are a convenient and relatively inexpensive alternative for getting around the city, especially at night when traffic clears and buses are less frequent.

Over 35,000 taxis operate in Buenos Aires.


Although the price of taxis in Buenos Aires is much higher than that of the colectivos or the Subte, fares are quite cheap compared to Europe or the United States.

  • The base fare is 225 ARS (US$ 0.30)
  • Every 200 metres travelled: 22.50 ARS (US$ 0)

All fares increase by 20% at night. This is between 10 pm and 6 am.

Advice and safety

Although it isn’t the norm to have any problems with taxi drivers in Buenos Aires, there have been cases of robberies and other unpleasant situations. Here are some tips on how to avoid problems.

  • Only take taxis from radio taxi companies: All taxis are black with a yellow roof, have the licence number on the doors and have a sign on the roof with the name of the radio taxi company and its telephone number.
  • The taxi licence and the driver's licence of the taxi driver must be displayed inside the vehicle. You can also check that the taximeter is working.
  • Avoid taking taxis at station stops, especially at Retiro station, as there have been cases of mafias robbing customers. It would be better to get out of the station and stop a taxi that’s passing by.
  • If you want to avoid any hassle, ordering a taxi by phone is always the most reliable option. All hotels and restaurants will be happy to do this, as they take a small commission.
  • At Ezeiza International Airport, only order a taxi at the stands of the different companies. At Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport it's also convenient to do it this way.

Another handy tip is to carry small notes whenever possible. If you have to pay with US$ 100 notes, we recommend letting the driver know before your journey begins.

Telephone numbers

Here are the telephone numbers for the most well-known taxi companies in Buenos Aires:

  • Radio Taxi Premium: 5238-0000
  • City Tax: 4585-5544
  • Radio Taxi Ciudad: 4923-7007
  • Radio Taxi Premier: 4858-0888