Tango in Buenos Aires

Tango in Buenos Aires

Passionate, intense and full of emotion. Declared an Asset of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, tango is the most representative symbol of Buenos Aires.

The spirit of tango was born with the spirit of Buenos Aires. For that reason, a visit to the city isn't complete without immersing oneself in the magic of this dance.

The surroundings of the Carlos Gardel House Museum are one of the best "tango" areas of Buenos Aires, as you can see numerous tango bars and streets decorated with the traditional "fileteado". This is a form of decorative painting typical of Buenos Aires that captures the Argentinean passion for tango.

Places to enjoy tango

There are numerous places where tango shows are offered every night, from the most luxurious and refined to the most simple and affordable. Here are some of the places where you can enjoy a show:

  • Café Tortoni: A meeting place for numerous composers and artists in the 1920s. Today, it features a pleasant stage to watch live performances.
  • Esquina Carlos Gardel: Inaugurated at the same time as the city's Mercado del Abasto, this place located near the Carlos Gardel House continues to share the magic of tango with its customers.
  • Mansión Dandi Royal: With a charming tango theme, this hotel offers lively tango shows in an atmosphere that evokes the glorious past of tango.
  • Confitería Ideal: More than a century old, this place is still one of the most important tango venues thanks to its evocative atmosphere.
  • Chiquín: Inaugurated in 1905, this place that featured Gardel on numerous occasions continues to offer tango shows every night.

Places to dance tango

To really delve into the atmosphere of Buenos Aires, there is nothing better than immersing yourself in the world of tango and taking your first steps on the dance floor. In Buenos Aires there are plenty of places to dance tango:

  • Alma de Bohemio: Necochea 948.
  • Bendita Milonga: Perú 571.
  • El Beso: Riobamba 416.
  • Porteño y Bailarín: Riobamba 345.
  • Confitería Ideal: Suipacha 384.
  • Boedo Tango: 330 Boedo Avenue.
  • Viejo Correo: Avda. Díaz Vélez 4820.