Plaza General San Martín

The Plaza General San Martín is located in the Retiro neighbourhood and is one of the most important squares in Buenos Aires. In 1942, this square was declared a National Historic Place.

The square is divided into two different sections. One area consists of a garden with a steep slope, while the other is a flat area full of trees and surrounded by important historical buildings.

Monuments in the Plaza San Martín

  • Monument to General San Martín and the Independence Armies: This bronze equestrian monument pays homage to General Jose de San Martín and the most important milestones in the fight for independence.
  • Monument to the Fallen in the Falklands War: Erected in honour of those who lost their lives in the Falklands War, this monument is a cenotaph formed by two black marble plaques that bear the names of those who didn’t return home after this war.
  • La Duda: This marble sculpture, whose name means "Doubt" in English, depicts a young man with a Bible. Next to him, you'll see an older man who appears to be questioning him.


MetroSan Martín, line C

Nearby places

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