The SUBE card is a contactless card that passengers wishing to use the Buenos Aires public transport network in a fast and convenient way can put money on. Learn all about it here.

It can be used to pay for the Metro (Subte), buses (Colectivos), and suburban trains.

To use the SUBE card, all you’ll need to do is bring it to the turnstiles on the metro or to the readers on other forms of transport.

Where can you get it?

In Buenos Aires there are lots of "Centros de obtención SUBE" where you can buy the card. The easiest way is to ask for the nearest one at your hotel or at a metro station.

To get the card, you’ll need to show your ID card or passport and fill out a form.

How do you put money on it?

You can top up your card at Subte ticket offices, kiosks, call shops, post offices, shopping centers, and many other places. Every day there are more and more shops popping up that are affiliated with the card.

Price of the SUBE card

The SUBE card has an initial cost of 126 ARS (US$ 0.60).

Is it worth it?

A SUBE card is necessary if you wish to take public transport, as you can’t buy tickets on the means of transport themselves. Therefore if you plan on using public transport during your visit, you’ll need to purchase a SUBE card.

More information

You'll find more information about the SUBE card on their official website: