Top 10 places in Buenos Aires

The Plaza de Mayo, tango, La Boca, Recoleta, Palermo... Discover 10 things you've got to see in Buenos Aires.

10 must-see attractions in Buenos Aires

Plaza de Mayo

The Plaza de Mayo is the oldest and most iconic public square in the city. Learn all about the history and the most important buildings in the Plaza de Mayo.

La Boca

La boca is a colourful neighbourhood, full of life. Visitors are presented with its more friendly side, with picture postcard street scenes.


Recoleta is a central residential neighborhood of Buenos Aires that is of great historical and architectural interest. Learn what to see in Recoleta.


Palermo is a large residential neighborhood in Buenos Aires that stands out for its beautiful tree-lined avenues and elegant homes.

San Telmo

Witness to all the transcendental events in the history of Buenos Aires, San Telmo is the oldest and most traditional neighborhood in the city.

Zanjón de Granados

Zanjón de Granados is a historic site where you’ll travel several centuries back in time through the history of Buenos Aires with a guide. A must-see spot!

Recoleta cemetery

The Recoleta Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries in the world due to the well-known figures laid to rest there and its incredible tombs.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. It is the perfect place to stop by and enjoy a tasty dinner on one of its many terraces.

Evita Museum

The Evita Museum has a magnificent exhibition that narrates the intense life of Evita in an entertaining and interesting way. A must-see spot during your stay in Buenos Aires!


Declared by UNESCO as an Asset of Cultural Heritage, tango is the most representative symbol of Buenos Aires. Find out where to dance and see tango shows in Buenos Aires.