Languages in Buenos Aires

Languages in Buenos Aires

Although Argentina has no official language, the most widely spoken in the country is Spanish, which differs slightly from the variety used in Spain. English is also spoken along with more than 20 other languages.

The second most spoken language in Argentina is English since it is studied on a mandatory basis from an early age.

In addition to Spanish and English, there are more than 20 languages in Argentina that are still used in certain regions, including the Guarani and Quichua languages which are spoken by more than one million inhabitants.


The Spanish spoken in Argentina includes many words that are different from the traditional European language. For example, buses are called "colectivos", strawberries are called "frutilla", a jacket is a "campera", a fridge is a "heladera", a suitcase is a "valija", a soda is a "soda", a T-shirt is a "remera", and a skirt is a "pollera".

When addressing other people, the main difference is that in Argentina the word "vos" is used instead of "tú" to address another person in an informal way.