Buses in Buenos Aires (Colectivos)

Buses in Buenos Aires (Colectivos)

Argentine urban buses, better known as “colectivos” or “bondi”, are the most used public transport system in the city.

The colectivos in Buenos Aires run where the Metro (Subte) doesn’t operate and are the only way to get to certain places.

These buses first appeared in 1928, when a group of taxis began to travel a fixed route and allowed several passengers to board at the same time.

Bus fares

Bus fares vary according to the distance travelled. The minimum journey is 3 kilometres and costs 25.20ARS. From 3 to 6 kilometres, the fare is 28 ARS (US$ 0.10).

Passengers will need to have coins, as tickets are purchased on the bus using a machine that only accepts coins. To purchase tickets, simply tell the driver your destination and insert the coins into the machine.

Payment must be made using the SUBE card, which avoids the need to carry coins.

Schedule and frequency

Buses in Buenos Aires run 24 hours a day with frequencies ranging from 2 minutes to 40 minutes, depending on the line and the time of day.