Where to stay in Buenos Aires

Where to stay in Buenos Aires

As a major tourist center, Buenos Aires has lots of hotels, hostels and vacation apartments for all tastes. Discover the best areas to stay in Buenos Aires and book your hotel at the best price.

Due to the high average quality of accommodation in Buenos Aires, prices are as high as some European cities.

Best places to stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a very large city and you'll need to take public transportation to visit. There are several recommended areas to stay in Buenos Aires and others that may be better to avoid.

In our opinion, the best areas to stay in Buenos Aires are Recoleta, Palermo and Puerto Madero. These three relatively modern areas are the safest in the city and have restaurants and street life until late at night.

Among the least recommended areas to stay in Buenos Aires are La Boca (dangerous at night), Microcentro (mainly office area) and San Telmo (some areas of the neighborhood feel unsafe).

Hotels in Buenos Aires

The price of hotels in Buenos Aires is not as low as you may think. To find double rooms in reputable hotels, you're likely to spend at least 60 (US$ 64.10) per night. The cheapest hotels offer double rooms for around 40 (US$ 42.70), and those of luxury chains such as Hilton or Sofitel exceed 180 (US$ 192.40) per night.

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Apartments in Buenos Aires

Tourist apartments are becoming more and more popular and many people are starting to prefer apartments to hotels, especially for long stays. At the following link, you can find apartments with a minimum price guarantee.